Rubber Screens
CORIRUBBER ® Rubber screens are well suited for use in both mining and mineral preparation. They perform well when subjected to both wet and dry conditions.
  • Abrasion Resistant : Rubber resist severe abrasion.
  • Impact Resistant : Rubber maximizes the life of the equipment and dramatically reducing your cost per ton as the goal is reducing the shock and damaging vibration of severe impact.
  • Noise reduction : Reduce noise emission significantly.
CORIRUBBER ® Rubber screens comes in handy for dust control, weight reduction, corrosion resistance, easy to install and easily customizable.
Constant pounding of rocks and ore in quarries and mines shortens the life of the perforated plate or wire cloth screens. Impacting stones cause noise that is detrimental to both employees and the neighboring community. When screening rocks and other dry material plugging is another nuisance. Changing of heavy steel screens may require a crane or extra manpower.
Rubber Screen are ideal for handling the toughest and most abrasive materials such as crushed stones, gravel, coal, slag and etc. Rubber materials provide flexibility, strength, impact absorption, demonstrate, superior cut and tear resistance as well as extended life for reduced down time and facilitate fast and easy installation.
CORIRUBBER ® screens offer a practical, economical solution to such difficulties in applications that range from scalping to mid range sizing.
Rubber compounds used in screens are designed to reduce the coefficient of friction and to suit to the operating conditions where moisture content is high and blinding has been of major concern. Once installed, blinding is eliminated and screening efficiency is vastly improved.
  • Modular screens were developed to enable selective change our of worn sections of the screening surface while leaving less worn areas intact for longer life.
  • Lab tested rubber compound gives long life and protection against impact, cut, tear and abrasion.
  • Customization is available to maximize the product effectiveness The flexibility, impact absorption, tear strength and abrasion resistance of our CORIRUBBER ® screen surfaces are engineered to match the material being processed.
  • Needs less time wrestling with change outs and more time producing quality material of consistent size.
  • Will give life on average of 8-10 times compared to wear cloth.
  • In addition to the superior wear life, rubber screens substantially reduce noise levels compared to perforated steel plate.
  • In addition CORIRUBBER ® screens can give dramatically improved screening efficiencies.
  • They perform well when subjected to both wet and dry conditions.
  • With CORIRUBBER® screens, you'll profit from greater production and lower maintenance costs.
  • CORIRUBBER ® Rubber screens can be manufactured with the openings in either straight or staggered line configurations. Openings available are round, square or rectangular.
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