Built-up Rubber Hoses & Cuffs
CORIRUBBER ® hoses combine the latest materials and construction techniques with expertise in engineering rubber. CORIRUBBER ® hoses have been engineered and tested
rigorously in the lab and on field to ensure long life and reliable service.
The industry's widest selections of hoses are available under the CORIRUBBER ® brand.
CORIRUBBER ® Hose is a specially engineered product to achieve:
  • High resistance to shocks
  • Reduce Noise & Vibration
  • Dispersion kneader for rubber compound mixing
  • Mixing Mill, Calendar Machine for Sheeting & Extruder
  • Hose building mandrels
  • Autoclaves for curing
  • Laboratory with Advanced testing facilities
  • In house Hydro, Vacuum Test
Customer's exact requirements shall be met with our design and construction of hose.
Design Options Description
Inner Tube Smooth bore for easy flow of materials / resistant to flowing medium / abrasion resistant
Construction Rubberized nylon fabric of multiple layers Gl / SS Wire winding as per the design pressure
Top Cover Resistant to Heat Weather & ozone resistant
Inner tube compounds and wire construction will have thermal stability to suit customer
requirements where the hose is used in high temperature
  1. Inner Tube Rubber
  2. Fabric
  3. Filler Rubber
  4. Wire Reinforcement
  5. Outer Rubber Cover
  6. Metal Flange
Bore Size - upto 600mm (24")
Lengths - upto 10 meters
Various Polymer compounds to suit specific applications. Neoprene*, Nitrile, Hypalon*, Natural, EPDM, Butyl etc...
*Trade mark of DuPont.
Dredging Operations Sand Suction, Water Suction and Discharge
Sand and Gravel Plants Sand Suction
Concrete Plants Sand Suction, Slurry Pumping, Hot Tar and Asphalt
Power Plants Water Suction and Discharge
Sewage Treatment Plants Water Suction and Discharge
Dock Facilities Water Suction and Discharge
Chemical Plants Chemical Processing, Acid / Alkali Discharge, Slurry Pumping
Steel Mills Acid/Alkali Discharge
Refineries Oil Suction & Discharge
Paper Mills Chemical Processing
Mining and Mineral Processing Material Handling
Construction Concrete Transfer


Plain End
This is a common type of hose end with out any flanges. This hose can be cut to the required length. Cross section of this hose is shown with wire reinforcement.
Flanged Ends
This type of hose manufactured for low / high working pressure for various applications. Flange holes will be drilled as per customer requirement or as per the relevant standards. This hose construction with wire and fabric / rubber reinforcement give strength for various applications.
Coupling End
For mining industry multiple piece coupling designed & externally fitted.
Inbuilt Nipple
Steel sleeve with thread at the end shall be built along with hose while building. This will have high bonding with hose. This threaded end shall be easily fitted as per customer requirement.
Cuffed End
This hose will have uniform bore throughout the hose length. To allow easier clamping of fittings the wire reinforcement is stopped at a predetermined distance from the end of the
Specialised End Fittings
To suit individual applications
Increased length & bore size on specific request.
To select the proper type of hose consider:
Pipe size   Pressure/vacuum range
Length   Environment: degree of exposure to:
Flowing medium : type of liquid, gas, vapour in the system or slurry  
  Weathering   Vapours
  Sunlight   Oil
  Liquids     Chemicals
  Gasses    Others
  Temperature range   Need for special construction
  Drilling (specify standard)  

End Fitting

  Flange O.D.    
  Number of bolt holes
  Diameter of hole


Rubber Cuffs are used to connect metal connectors of different nominal bore.  These ends can be clamped to both plastic pipes and carbon steel pipes.  Rubber cuffs can be fabricated to suit pipes at different angles
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