Rubber lining of tanks, vessels, pipes and fittings etc.,
CORI has been a specialist in rubber lining having bagged many prestigious jobs. We undertake rubber lining both at our customer's site as well as in our factory.
We undertake rubber lining activities for all kinds of tanks, vessels, pipes and fitting and valves.
Rubber lining for
  1. Acid Storage Tanks - all kinds of acids.
  2. Water Treatment vessels.
  3. Scrubbers and ducts.
  4. Stacks and ducts, pipes and fittings.
  5. Triplex Lining.
  6. De-mineralised water storage tanks.
  7. Pickling line applications.
CORI undertakes Rubber lining by both hot valcanising process and cold bonding process
The various types of Rubber lining for the following applications
Phosphoric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Alkali and Caustic Soda, De mineralied water
1. Natural Rubber Soft & Hard
Cold & Hot Bonding
2. Synthetic Rubber Nitrile
EPDM and Hypalon
3. Triplex Lining Soft + Hard + Soft
CORI has successfully executed numerous challenging projects for various industries.
Steel : Pickling tanks of steel plant, storage tanks, regeneration tanks, pipings and fittings.
Chemical : Corrosion protection of equipments handling acids, alkalis, salt solutions etc.
Fertilizer : Phosphoric acid tanks, agitators, evaporation vessels, heat exchangers, storage tanks etc.
FGD : Absorber, Process tanks, Limestone slurry tanks, Pipes and fittings
Mining: Ore dressing plants.
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